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The Blood-Horse MarketWatch is the Thoroughbred industry's best and most
respected source of objective analysis and statistics.

"MarketWatch covers the whole gamut. It is better than anything else out there.";
— Kitty Taylor, owner of Warrendale Sales.

"I've read every issue. The team at MarketWatch supplies the kind of quality research and empirical analysis I find essential for intelligent bloodstock decisions."
— Rob Whiteley, owner of Liberation Farm

If you are serious about the Thoroughbred profession, then you must subscribe to The Blood-Horse MarketWatch.

For more than 10 years, breeders, owners, and bloodstock agents have relied on The Blood-Horse MarketWatch to provide the information they need to make smart business decisions. Compiled throughout the year are valuable statistics on stallion progeny performance records, book quality, trainers’ records, and detailed commercial results by market, sale, consignor, and buyer. These valuable numbers are accompanied by analyses from experts at Blood-Horse Publications and around the world. You won’t find so much in-depth research in one publication anywhere else! Subscribe now!

Need more? The Blood-Horse MarketWatch has acquired Owner-Breeder International and now includes its thorough pedigree analysis in every issue. You get pedigree insights from Alan Porter, Avalyn Hunter, Matt O’Neil and others who are looking at the influence of different bloodlines in racing and at the sales around North America and internationally.

The Blood-Horse MarketWatch is your opportunity to receive thousands of dollars worth of information for a fraction of what it would cost to compile it yourself, all presented in easy-to-read charts. These statistics and analyses will help you make logical, farsighted decisions and avoid making costly mistakes.

Other features you’ll find in The Blood-Horse MarketWatch include:

As a Blood-Horse MarketWatch subscriber you also get access to a valuable archive with every past issue, access to the Owner-Breeder International archive, email notification each time a new issue is ready and Priority Access to that issue, plus access to detailed monthly reports on stakes winners.

If you are a key player in the industry... you shouldn’t be without The Blood-Horse MarketWatch. Subscribe now!

Priority Access

What is Priority Access?

At The Blood-Horse MarketWatch, we realize how critical this information is to the Thoroughbred professional. It’s why we created Priority Access to subscription members.

As a paid subscriber, you will have FREE online access to the most current issue, as well as all past issues - 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week! And at no additional charge. You’ll be able to see the information as it is being sent to the printer without having to wait for the mail. You will have Priority Access.

If you are already a subscriber to The Blood-Horse MarketWatch and want to receive Priority Access, all you need to do is register your subscription.

To register you will need your customer identification number (Username), password, and e-mail address.

Your customer ID number is above your name on the envelope of your mailed issue or you may call 1-800-582-5604 and a customer service representative will give it to you. Your password will be mailed to you after your paid subscription is processed or you can also request it by calling customer service at 1-800-582-5604.

Note: This is a free, proprietary service for paid subscribers only. The general public does not have access to this secure web site. Please allow two weeks for your new paid subscription to be processed before registering for Priority Access.

Subscribe now!

If for any reason you are ever dissatisfied with The Blood-Horse MarketWatch, just let us know and receive a prompt refund of any unused portion of your subscription.

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